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Mystery shopping and customer surveys from one provider.

What could be more Simple?

Data from both programs cross reported on one site.

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Mystery Shopping

Do you ever wonder if the decisions you make in your company’s boardroom are actually carried out in your stores, restaurants or branches? A Mystery Shopping program can find out for you, and provide a wealth of information.

Customer Surveys

Every person who calls or visits your business leaves having formed an opinion. Was it a positive experience?  Did he find what he wanted?  Would he recommend your business to others?


What happens when you evaluate customer satisfaction for more than four decades? You have the most comprehensive collection of valuable customer service information in the industry.

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Shop-alongs: Customer Feedback on the Front Lines

Share Guest Post By: Kelly Heatly: Marketing research is commonly conducted outside of the retail environment, before or after purchase transactions occur.  Research objectives might include measuring awareness and usage;…

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We’ve been very impressed with the mystery shoppers at Feedback Plus. The shoppers go above and beyond to get us the information that we need and often provide very detailed…