Shopper Fraud Alert

In May, 2014 a previous version of the Feedback Plus logo was stolen and used in an campaign intended to defraud unsuspecting recipients. Unsuspecting people have been contact by text and email by a person using the name Justin The communications in question appeared to be from a person using the name Justin Erickson and/or using the phone number 210-570-9051. This person is using the email address “” is not our domain and this is an indication that the communication are part of the fraud.

After contacting recipients, the fraudsters would then mail the recipients a check with instructions to cash the check at their bank and to wire a portion of the proceeds back to the fraudulent mystery shopping company. Recipients were told that they could keep the remaining portion as their fee. After the money is wired, recipients were advised by their bank that the check is fraudulent and that they were responsible for the money lost and related bank fees. WE STRONGLY URGE YOU NOT TO CASH THIS CHECK OR WIRE MONEY TO ANY THIRD PARTY.

We strongly suggest that you always proceed with great caution when handling email to perform mystery shopping, surveys or similar offers.

Feedback Plus, and other reputable mystery shopping companies, never send checks or contacts prospective shoppers in the manner in which has occurred with these communicators. Legitimate mystery shopping assignments are only sent to registered shoppers or posted to known shopper websites. Prospective shoppers are directed to our website to compete our registration process. Your information is never requested via email.

If you have received this type of offer or have been a victim of this scam, we strongly encourage you to submit the email (with all of the message headers) and file a complaint at The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). In addition you may want to file a report with Federal Trade Commission and local authorities.

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