The Power of Self-Talk


In my keynote seminar, Would You Do Business With You, I talk about how important it is to talk to yourself in the most positive manner. I give the example of negative self talk and how it can affect you in the work place and your personal life. “How many of you woke up this morning and your first thought was ‘I’m tired today and I don’t want to go to work?’” You know how your brain reacts? It responds with, “I believe you!” And all day long, you are tired and you don’t want to be at work that day. If you are in a position of serving customers, don’t ever think that they are not aware of your attitude. It’s obvious.

In Jim Jensen’s book The Incredible Power of Self Talk, he states that what we say to others is not nearly as important as what we say to ourselves. All day, every day, our minds are flooded with thoughts that direct us to leading the lives that we live. This self talk determines our success, and our failures.

If you want to make an improvement in any aspect of your life, whether related to health, fitness, career success or personal accomplishments, start by changing your self talk – you may be surprised to see what happens.

Self TalkWhat is Self Talk?

We talk to ourselves at the rate of 150-300 words a minute, or nearly 50,000 thoughts per day. While you are reading these words you are having a simultaneous dialog about what you think of this writing while also being distracted by the most important items on today’s “to do” list as well as other pressing matters.

This internal thinking, or SELF TALK, occurs through the conscious area of our mind.

What most people are unaware of is our self talk becomes instructions to our SUBCONSCIOUS, whose duty is to carry out the “orders” given to it by the CONSCIOUS area of our mind. The subconscious is our own personal servo-mechanism that works on our behalf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here are other examples of things we say to ourselves that can be very damaging:

 “I can never remember names.”

“My marriage is falling apart.”

“I never seem to have enough money”, etc., etc.

The good news is that through repetition, our revised self talk provides NEW instructions to our subconscious, which immediately goes to work to fulfill these “new orders.”

The subconscious is totally non-judgmental. It does not argue what is right or wrong or what may be best for us. It simply works to effect what it has been told by the conscious area of the mind.

If you want to change your life, start by changing the way you talk to yourself – I bet you’ll be amazed by the results.

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