Oh No!


There is nothing as contagious as being around someone with a great attitude…except how quickly a bad attitude can affect your entire day.

Think about someone you know who smiles a lot, always has a good word to say, and seems to enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t you just love to be around that person?

Then we can all call to mind someone who is just the opposite. When I first began my speaking career 20+ years ago, I would pick out the ONE person in the audience who did not want to be there. I figured I had 45 minutes to “win them over!” Wrong! The more I looked into those bored, checked-out eyes, the more depressed I became. This is not a good thing for a motivational speaker! I soon learned to identify with the most upbeat, positive person in the room, the one with bright engaged eyes nodding every time I told of a unique customer service experience and laughing at my humorous stories.

Oh No!

Clint Swindall spoke at our most recent Mystery Shopping Provider’s Association – MSPA Conference – in San Antonio a few weeks ago. (He’s good! www.clintswindall.com) He talked about the three types of people who make up a work team: There’s the 54% that basically go along with whatever is presented to them. They are not overjoyed about anything. They are going to “do their job” and in most cases, they do it well even though they are fairly disengaged. Clint labels these individuals as the “OK” workers. He talked about the 29% who are enthused about nearly every idea presented to them. Example: We are going to have a meeting on Thursday. They respond, “Oh Yeah!” These 29% make the remaining 17% roll their eyes. Because you see, these 17% are the “Oh NO!” people. Regardless what you say to them, their attitude is, “Oh NOOOOO…” They are actively disengaged and always seem to see the dark side of things.

Where do you fit in this chart?

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