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Mystery Shopping


The Essence of Mystery Shopping

Do you ever wonder if the decisions you make in your company’s boardroom are actually carried out in your stores, restaurants or branches?

A Mystery Shopping program can find out for you, and provide a wealth of information.

Mystery Shopping is simply an on-site audit that utilizes shoppers/researchers to gather vital information for you and your management team. Our team of professional Mystery Shoppers is highly skilled in research gathering techniques. They utilize scenarios on the premises of your stores, restaurants or branches to accurately gather the information you want and need. They have the ability to memorize names, events, and times of interactions with your employees, so they can create a permanent written record afterward. Most importantly, your employees will never know they have interacted with a Mystery Shopper.

Our Mystery Shoppers are independent contractors, and many have worked with Feedback Plus, Inc. for more than a decade. They are selected for projects based on specific skills and profiles needed for each assignment. These criteria can include:

  • Fitting the exact demographic profile of customers for your stores, restaurants or branches.
  • Experience in face-to-face personal shopping, vs. interacting via the phone.
  • The ability to utilize carefully scripted scenarios for uniformity in data gathering.

Harvesting Information Through Telephone Surveys

Do your employees interface with customers only via the phone? Are telephone skills vital to the success of your business? We have Mystery Shoppers who specialize in telephone Mystery Shopping scenarios with call centers and store locations. Our comprehensive activity and summary reports enable you to evaluate the performance of your employees in the following areas:

  • Courtesy
  • Selling Skills
  • Expedient Service
  • Depth of Product Knowledge

Whether you need telephone Mystery Shopping or on-site services, we can custom design a program that will deliver the information you want.

Say “Thanks” With Instant Gratification Programs

There’s probably no more effective management tool than recognizing excellent customer service and rewarding outstanding employee performance. Our Instant Gratification Mystery Shopping Program sends professional shoppers into the field to identify, reinforce and reward your top performing sales associates. We’ll work with you to define the specific behaviors you wish to reward. Once one of our field representatives identifies an outstanding employee, they will immediately reveal themselves and present the employee with reward certificates redeemable for cash or prizes. This kind of program is extremely motivational for your employees, and can lead to a higher level of consistent, excellent employee performance.

Merchandising and Compliance: Setting the Standard

Are your franchisees fulfilling their commitments to your company standards? Are they displaying the correct point-of-sale displays or displaying your products properly? It’s easy to find out with a custom-design Merchandizing and Compliance Mystery Shopping programs.

Our national network of field representative can visit all direct and indirect channels for your company, either on an on-going basis, or just for the duration of a specific pricing or promotional period. You’ll get the timely information you need, when you need it.

Sizing Up the Competition

What level of customer service is your competition providing? What in-store marketing materials are they using? What is the quality of their products or services? At Feedback Plus, Inc., we can create a Mystery Shopping program that can gather this information and more, by having our field representatives “shop” your competition, either on-site or by telephone.

Telephone Mystery Shopping, recorded or non-recorded

In addition to the standard telephone interaction, Feedback Plus also offers recorded calls. A .wav file is attached to the completed evaluation form on your customized web site.

In addition to valuable information gathered by a traditional telephone mystery shop, you also hear the tone of voice and level of enthusiasm of the associate.

Share the call with the associate to assess their own performance and improve their skills.

Ensures information provided on detailed compliance issues such as financial terms and conditions of loans or purchases, warranties or product return policies are conveyed accurately so that you know when additional training is necessary.