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Customer Surveys


Every person who calls or visits your business leaves having formed an opinion. Was it a positive experience?  Did he find what he wanted?  Would he recommend your business to others?   A Customer Feedback Survey can answer these questions.  Gathering subjective information from your customers can tell you what would have made the difference.

The survey can be offered by:

  • An invitation on your POS system
  • Collateral in your store, posting a link
  • QR code
  • Email blast to customers

Timing is critical.

Customer Feedback Surveys can be completed within minutes of the customers’ interactions, while the experience is still fresh, and therefore the most accurate.

Volume of Data ensures Validity

Depending on customer traffic, you can obtain hundreds of data points each month very economically; as little as pennies per survey.  This high quantity of data collected averages individual biases and ensures statistical validity.  This allows analyses on a granular level.  You can be confident that changes you make based on this information will have a positive impact on your customer retention and therefore, your bottom line.

Depth of Data

The advantages of incorporating Customer Feedback Surveys and a Mystery Shopping Program.

Mystery shopping is an invaluable operational audit to gain insight into your associates’ performance and behavioral patterns. Shoppers follow guidelines and a set of questions designed specifically to determine if employees are doing what is expected of them. It provides benchmarking and monitoring for training programs, merchandising, signage and compliance policies.

Feedback Plus’s four decades of mystery shopping experience has only strengthened our passion and enthusiasm for mystery shopping. And we are convinced that combining mystery shopping with Customer Feedback Surveys simultaneously provides our clients’ with a winning combination like nothing else to take them to an escalated level of service quality and customer loyalty.

Using information from both programs will help you strengthen the customer experience.   Customer Feedback Surveys tell you what customers want; Mystery Shopping tells you what they are experiencing.  The combined results are powerful.


Feedback Plus will work closely with you to design questions that provide actionable data.

A variety of questions types can be used:

  • Rate items on a scale — Respondents can rank their satisfaction/experience on a 1 to 5 scale.
  • Rank items numerically—respondents prioritize their preference
  • Single-select multiple choice —simple yes-no-maybe questions,
  • Multiple- choice — Respondents choose more than one answer.
  • Open-ended text — comments provide subjective information and collects customer suggestions.
  • Contact information — Complete your records with more than just name and email address, or for sending a reward for participation.  Demographics can be requested, but this is usually optional.

Add skip logic 

Skip logic lets you create surveys that ask questions based on how respondents answer previous ones. Respondents see only the questions that apply to them; therefore you receive more targeted, meaningful, and in-depth feedback.

Inviting Participants

There are several ways to invite participants. Feedback Plus will work with you to determine which works best for you. These methods include:

  • Email invitations
  • QR code in stores, collateral and merchandising
  • A URL link on your website, blog, and all social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • POS invitation – including all or selected stores.
  • Include the online survey URL in newsletters, statements, advertisements
  • Respondents are directed to a unique URL where results are secure and easy to track.

Building a fabulous contact list for future communications is just an added bonus of a Customer Feedback Survey.


The results of your Customer Feedback Survey will be posted on your web site immediately upon receipt.

Mystery shopping results and Customer Feedback Surveys results can be cross reported to give even greater relevance and value to these programs