Don’t Let This Ruin Your Brand’s Reputation


Guest post by Valerie Sokolosky:poor-service1
It was unbelievable what happened! This is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I simply have to share how a great company brand was dissed by the employee serving us. While attending a recent workshop out of town, a colleague and I headed for a quiet lunch at a nearby “respectable” hotel. No one was in the restaurant at 12:00 noon. That should have been my first clue. We ordered our sandwiches, ate them (still the lone customers), and were ready to get our check. Alas – no server could be found. That should have been my second clue. After waiting ten minutes, I left the table in search of our waiter. At the checkout, I was told the waiter was nowhere to be found, but she would help me if I told her what we had ordered. The next comment floored me – “Are you staying at the hotel? Our computers have been down since this morning and we’ll have to bill this to your room or take cash only.” “No,” I said. “We came from across the street at a workshop. And I need to put this on my AMEX card.” With a feigned smile, she replied, “You’ll have to give me your AMEX number and I’ll have to run it later.” UGH. Needless to say, I did NOT give her my AMEX number and we walked out of the restaurant in a quandary wondering why the waiter had not given us that information in the first place. Had she “assumed” we had cash? Had she “hoped” we were guests of the hotel? The ending was the worst part. She argued over why I would not give her my AMEX number without her being able to give us a receipt. serviceTake a look around at the policies of your company, the actions of your employees, and the lack of respect that might be given to your customers or clients. It’s amazing how one person or one glitch that goes wrong can ruin the reputation of your brand. Let’s leave on a positive note. Let me hear from you any good examples of customer service that exceeded your expectations. We‘ll applaud them with you.   Guest post by Valerie Sokolosky, PCC Valerie & Company

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